Apr 15 • Andrew Jang

Jaseng Secures National Grant to Propel Korean Medicine onto the Global Stage

Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine Awarded Dual Grants for Global Expansion and Educational Initiatives in Korean Medicine
Seoul, South Korea – In a landmark move for the advancement of Korean Medicine on the global stage, Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine has been awarded two prestigious national grants by the Ministry of Health and Welfare of South Korea through the National Institute for Korean Medicine Development. Announced in April 2024, these grants are set to propel significant initiatives over the next two years, focusing on attracting international patients, particularly from the Middle East, and enhancing clinical training for healthcare professionals worldwide.

Strategic Efforts to Attract International Patients

The first grant targets the expansion of Jaseng Hospital's international patient base, with a strategic focus on the Middle East. This initiative recognizes the growing demand for specialized medical treatment abroad and aims to position South Korea, and specifically Jaseng Hospital, as a preferred destination for health and wellness tourism. Over the course of this two-year project, Jaseng Hospital plans to implement a series of culturally tailored programs that include language support services, cultural sensitivity training for staff, and partnerships with international organizations to facilitate smooth and comfortable experiences for international patients.

Educational Grant to Foster Global Knowledge of Korean Medicine

The second grant supports an ambitious educational project aimed at disseminating knowledge of the rich heritage and efficacy of Korean Medicine to a global audience of healthcare professionals. This educational grant will fund the development and delivery of comprehensive clinical training programs in Integrative and Korean Medicine, accessible to medical doctors, acupuncturists, and other healthcare professionals around the world. The curriculum will be delivered through a mix of online courses and in person hands-on workshops, designed to bridge the gap between traditional Korean medicine practices and modern medical approaches.

The clinical training programs are scheduled to commence in the latter half of this year. 

Implications for Global Healthcare and Korean Economy

These grants are not just a win for Jaseng Hospital but a significant boost for the national and global healthcare landscape. By increasing the flow of international patients, Jaseng Hospital will contribute to South Korea's economy and enhance its status as a hub for medical tourism. Simultaneously, the educational initiatives are set to elevate the practice of Korean Medicine worldwide, fostering a new understanding and integration of these practices within global health paradigms.

As these projects unfold over the next two years, they promise to enhance the global reputation of Korean Medicine and establish new standards in healthcare that are rooted in cultural heritage and scientific advancement. 

Dr. Jinho Lee, Medical Director of Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine, expressed his enthusiasm about the grants, stating, "Jaseng has consistently been at the forefront, acting as a global ambassador for Korean Medicine. With the support of this grant, we are committed to further enhancing global awareness and understanding of Korean Medicine. This funding will enable us to intensify our efforts and continue our mission to elevate the international standing of Korean Medicine on the international stage."

For more information please contact Jaseng Medical Academy on jaseng.education@jaseng.co.kr