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Jaseng Hospital of
Korean Medicine 

Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine is the largest network of hospitals for non-invasive treatment of spinal disorders in Korea. We are a medical group of 21 hospitals and clinics located in Korea. We are home to 30 specialized clinics, where 400 physicians strive to provide the best available spinal treatments to our patients. Over 1,300 inpatient beds are accessible for those in need of intensive care.
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Accreditation by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME)
Spine-Specialty Hospital of Korean Medicine Accreditation by the Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare
Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety Medical Institution Accreditation by the Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare
Medical Institution to Have Treated the Most Spinal Patients as Officially Recognized by Korea Record Institute

Jaseng Medical Academy

Jaseng Medical Academy at Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine strives to further innovate integrative Korean Medicine education with the latest advancements in research and evidence-based practice to enhance learning and competency, strengthen performance, and create positive changes in clinical practice to significantly impact patient care and improve patient outcomes.

Jaseng Medical Academy is a global pioneer and leader in evidence-based medical education and training for integrative Korean Medicine approaches to musculoskeletal disorders.
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Our Mission

The Academy's mission is to contribute to the lifelong education of physicians, healthcare professionals, medical students, and students pursuing advanced degrees in medical sciences throughout their careers by providing the finest Integrative Medicine education and training through objectification, standardization, scientific advancement and globalization of Korean Medicine.

In pursuit of this mission, the Academy joins Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine in its commitment to serve the needs of patients with spine and joint disorders by providing compassionate care and healthcare services on both a rural/local community-level and global-level through the provision of quality education and training.



Scientific Advancement


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Descendant of seven generations of Korean Medicine doctors, Dr. Joon-Shik Shin is the founder of Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine. Dr. Shin established Jaseng Korean Medicine Clinic in 1990, which has continued to grow ever since. Based on prescriptions handed down for generations, Dr. Joon-Shik Shin created various unique and innovative non-invasive treatments, such as Chungpa-jun, Motion Style Acupuncture Treatment (MSAT), and Chuna manual medicine (CMM) as staples of Jaseng care for spine and joint disorders.

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