Dec 21 • Andrew Jang

Jaseng Hosts Global Integrative Medicine Leaders, Forging New Pathways in Research and Education

Establishing new collaborations and making steps in advancing and globalizing integrative medicine for a broader global community.
As 2023 draws to a close, Jaseng Medical Academy hosted a series of internationally renown figures in the field integrative medicine research at Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine. Over the past few weeks, Jaseng had the opportunity to highlight Jaseng's impressive history and its significant contributions to the field of integrative medicine, both in research and educational spheres.
The esteemed guests included:

  1. Dr. Liu Jian Ping from the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine Center for Evidence-Based Chinese Medicine, Beijing, China
  2. Prof. Arya Neilsen, Assistant Clinical Professor at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, Department of Family Medicine & Community Health
  3. Prof. Jennifer Stone of the Indiana University Consortium for Integrative Medicine and Health
  4. Prof. Zachery Munn, specializing in Health Evidence Synthesis, Recommendations and Impact (HESRI) at the University of Adelaide
  5. Prof. Susan Wieland from the University of Maryland, Baltimore | UMB · Department of Family and Community Medicine, and the Cochrane Complementary Medicine Field
  6. Dr. Ricardo Ghelman of the Brazilian Academic Consortium for Integrative Health
  7. Prof. Jeremy Y. Ng from the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute | OHRI · Centre for Journalology
  8. Dr. Mukdarut Bangpan of University College London, IOE - Social Research Institute
These experts were particularly impressed by Jaseng's notable achievements in treating spine and joint conditions, as well as the significant research contributions of the Jaseng Spine and Joint Institute and Korea's largest herbal dispensary Jaseng Medibiocenter. They also praised the comprehensive medical educational programs offered by the Jaseng Medical Academy to students globally.
This gathering heralded the establishment of new collaborations with their respective institutions, marking a pivotal step in advancing and globalizing integrative medicine for a broader global community.